Welcome to our Fun Activities page!

On here you will find different links and ideas for fun things to do with your children at home, we have virtual tours of UK attractions, museums, zoos and aquariums. We also have yoga and PE! Please enjoy this page and if you have any suggestions, please email your class teachers so they can pass along the relevant information.

Stay safe!

Click here for a live stream assembly with the Bishop of Oxford- 22nd May at 10:30am

Click here for the Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman

Please click here for Storytime with Arlington Arts

Click here for "Today I am reading" template

Click here for puzzles and games

Click here to enter into the Newbury Weekly News Young Photographer of the Year

Click here to go on a virtual tour of Stonehenge

Click here to see the live cams of the animals at San Diego Zoo

Click here to go on a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace

Click here to do PE with Joe Wicks

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Tutankhamun Exhibition in London

Click here to access various webcams overlooking some of the prettiest scenery at the Lake District

Click here to learn how to get Google 3D animals in your home

Click here for a virtual walkthrough of the iconic Roman Baths

Click here to see the live cams from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Click here for a 360 degree panoramic virtual tour of Giant's Causeway

Click here to go on virtual tour of Walt Disney World

Click here to go on a virtual tour of the National Gallery

Click here to get flexible with Cosmic Kids Yoga

Click here to enjoy outdoor activities from the comfort of your home

Click here for games and puzzles provided by ABC


If you have access to YouTube, then try the POV (point of view) rides! It's so much fun and there are so many rides to choose from. Maybe with the water rides, spray your children with a little water to fully immerse them in the experience!