Well Being

Well-being is linked with an individual’s physical health, emotional health, health behaviours and resilience (the ability to cope with adverse circumstances). Well-Being is described as a holistic state where a range of feelings, among them energy, confidence, openness, enjoyment, happiness, calm and caring are combined and balanced. 

Here at Lambourn we place great value on developing the whole child - academically, socially and emotionally. Skills needed throughout life can be taught and learnt at any age; all aspects of a child and young person’s experience at home, in school and out of school contribute to personal and social development and as a school we feel it is important that we share that role along with parents, carers and families.

The key points and aims of our well-being agenda are that our children are able to; 

  • Be an effective and successful learner
  • Make and sustain friendships
  • Deal with and resolve conflict effectively and fairly
  • Be able to solve problems alone and with the help of others
  • Manage feelings such as frustration, anger and anxiety
  • Recover from setbacks and persist in the face of difficulties
  • Work and play cooperatively
  • Compete fairly, win and lose with grace and dignity with respect for competitors
  • Recognise and stand up for their rights and the rights of others.
  • Understand and value the differences between people and respect the right of others to have beliefs and values different from their own

Raising concerns

We aim to make our school a happy, safe and caring place so that pupils may benefit from the best possible education. All of our staff, both teaching and non-teaching, are dedicated to this aim. If you do have a concern please speak to your child’s class teacher or another member of staff. If he or she cannot resolve the matter, or your concern is about the member of staff, you should then discuss it with the head teacher. If you are not a parent or carer of a child at the school then please address your concerns to the head teacher. Notes may be taken to ensure that the issues are fully understood.

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Medical concerns

Please ensure you keep us updated about your child’s medication. We must be told if they have over the counter medicine before coming to school. Please inform the office. If your child was to fall ill and require an ambulance they would ask if your child has had medicine that morning e.g. Capol or Paracetamol. We need to be able to inform them correctly.

Outdoor learning and education

Every child should have the opportunity to leave school having completed as many of the 50 things suggested by the National Trust.