Pupil Premium Grant

All schools receive additional funding for qualifying pupils. This is part of a national strategy to increase the achievement of all pupils. The school publishes an annual summary each year on how it is using these additional funds.  


All children in school are regarded as individuals and treated as special and unique. We recognise that the needs of children vary as they move through the school and we seek to meet their needs in the best way we can.


It is recognised that sometimes children have particular needs that require additional support in school. Such needs will always be discussed with parents, and the school will seek to ensure there is appropriate support given to children to meet the identified need.

Parents are encouraged to raise any concerns about a child’s educational or social need with their child’s class teacher at any point in the year.

Sometimes the needs of an individual require additional advice or support from the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) in school, and sometimes external agencies may be invited into school to give further professional advice and support.

In most cases, the school will seek to provide suitable teaching and learning opportunities within the normal class context, and some children may benefit from additional small group or individual support.

Occasionally the needs of a child are significant enough for the school to seek additional support, and sometimes funding, to help meet the needs of a child.

In all cases, parents are fully involved in the discussions, advice and support. Full details are in the Special Educational Needs Policy, and this will be discussed with parents as necessary.

 Click here for the Government Special Educational Needs Code of Guidance.

Gifted, able and talented

It is also recognised that some children are more able, and sometimes have specific skills, talents and abilities. Wherever appropriate these needs will also be met through school, or advice will be given as to where additional support or opportunities might be found. 

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